At the Lindhurst Group we are striving to find eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics. We currently supply eco-friendly profucts made from recycled, regenerative materials or ethically sourced material. Please be aware that further collections will be added to the site in due course. Please do contact us with any questions you may have about eco-friendly fabrics.
To download the sample cards please click the underlined collection name.
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Vyva Fabrics supplies a range of eco-friendly fabrics from the Netherlands.
  • Revyva offers a range of colours made from 100% reclyed plastic and is completely recylable. While production reduces the amount of carbon dioxide, water waste and energy.
  • Dinamica Classica available in 111 different colours and is a recycled PET microfibre fabric.
  • Kilkenny collection are produced from 100% natural fabrics, from organic origins and are biodigradable.
  • Cork & Co collection is made from tree bark and is 100% natural.
  • The hemp collection is a biodigradable fabric made from natural hemp fibres. Hemp generates higher yeilds compared with cotton and flax, while also filerting out 95% of UV light. The hemp collection is split into five collections, click each name to download the sample cards.
Sileather is an eco-friendly and sustainable fauex leather. For more information on Sileather visit . To download the sustainability report                       or for the sample card
​Malone Fabrics offers a large range of soft fabrics and synthetic leathers being the exclusive distributor of skai®.
  • skai® Toronto is a sustainble and vegan friendly fabric.
  • The 3000 Colection is a velvet fabric made from recycled cotton.
  • Berry Collection is producved with the absence of PFC chemicals and water while creating an easy to clean fabric.
  • Cloe is made from recycled cotton and has a stain resistant pattern.
  • Damero collection is a recycled cotton jacquared fabric made from natural and coloured thread.
  • Dante is a recycled two-toned jacquared fabric made from natural and coloured thread.
  • Edra is a patterened fabric made from recycled cotton.
  • Flint Plus made from 100% organic cotton dyed with natural pigment.
  • Giovanni and Giovanni-Jak is a jaquared fabric made from a heavy weight cotton.
  • Kentia is a sustinable and eco-friendly patterned fabric.
  • Kilims is a cotton fabric made with slub yarn for a rust look.
  • The Lauren collection is made from recycled cotton and features a herringbone jaquared design.
  • Mango uses specially yarns with the production of the fabric being absent of PFC chemicals and water.
  • Oxi-Velvet is soft to the touch made from recycled cotton and has a textured look.
  • Palmira is a large collection of eco-friendly fabrics comprising of several patterened designs.
  • Seco Trigo collection offers a sustainable cotton jaquared fabric and a recycled cotton jaquared fabric.
  • Telmo is a two-tone recycled cotton fabric produced from natural and coloured yarn.
  • Velvet Lin Technic is a soft velvet made from recycled cotton.
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