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At the Lindhurst Group we strive to find the most eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics avaialable. We offer an extensive selection of eco-friendly materials made from recycled, regenerative or ethically sourced raw materials. Please note that further collections will be added to the site as they become available.
Please do contact us with any questions you may have about eco-friendly fabrics.
We distribute Sileather from warehouses in the UK and Paris.
We represent additional suppliers in the UK and are your local contact but always advise purchasing direct to receive the most preferential pricing.
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Vyva Fabrics supplies a range of eco-friendly fabrics from The Netherlands. Please follow the link to see the collections and order samples:
  • Revyva made from 100% reclyed post-consumer plastic bottles, inherently FR to Crib 5 & IMO Part 8 and 100% recylable. Efficient production processes reduces the amount of carbon dioxide, water waste and energy.
  • Cork & Co Cork is the bark of the noble oak tree that lives on average 200 years, the cork is harvested every 9 years, in an ancient and harmless natural process without hurting a tree. A sustainable and recyclable material, 100% natural. Trees that have been harvested bsorb 5-7 times more CO2
    Cork & Co fabric is sustainable, innovative, flexible, anti-static, noise absorbing, durable and versatile fabric, made with natural original materials. Cork & Co fabrics are free from substances which could harm the
    environment or health.
  • Hemp Collection Hemp is a very fact growing crop that produces high fibre yields per acre. Hemp can produce up to 250% more fibre than cotton and 600% more fibre than flax. At the end of life it breaks down into organic material and is classified as biodegradable.  There are ​5 designs within the Hemp Collection: Flora, Hortus, Fjord, Spiced and Botanic.
Sileather an eco-friendly and sustainable faux leather made from silicone. Inherently FR to Crib 5 & IMO Part 8. For more information visit .
Malone Fabrics offers a wide range of eco-friendly soft fabrics made from recycled cottons and environmental air pollution created by the oil refining industry.
Monteiro Fabrics faux leather made with 60% natural products. By-products from the chestnut industry, plant oils and organic cotton. Available from stock.
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